Design & Equipment

At JC Precision Milling, we help our customers solve their most complex digital manufacturing problems. Our team of experienced, skilled machinists can design your parts, fixtures and indexable cutters and deliver high quality production components. Our differentiating value is our agility and attention to detail to meet your demands for cost effective customization. Our team is proactive to fully understand your technical needs to provide smart solutions for success.


We use state-of-the-art, high precision, digital manufacturing equipment to keep our business competitive with the latest technology and ensure that our products and results are the best the results you expect.


Are you interested in making existing parts in a smarter and more sustainable way? Or are you focused on increasing product development your demanding customers expect? Let JC Precision Milling help turn your design into reality as your complete precision CNC design partner for Digital Component Manufacturing.


CNC Milling Center

4- Mori Seiki Duracenter 5 (5th- Axis Indexers)

  • 32”x20”x20” Table Size
2- Shizouka SV4020/4 (4th & 5th Axis Indexers)
  • 40”x20”x20” Table Travel
8- Brother S500X1/TC-S2Dn (4th Axis Indexers)
  • 25”x16”x12” Table Travel


CNC Turning/Milling Centers

3- Mori Seiki S/NL2500y (Y-Axis, M/C, Live Tooling)

  • 10” Diameter x 21” Length (Bar or Slug)
  • 10”/4.7”/23” Travel (X/Y/Z- axis)
1- Mori Seiki SL-25
  • 10” Diameter x 21” Length (Bar or Slug)
  • 10”/23” Travel (X/Z- axis)


Quality & Inspection (CMM)

1- Brown & Sharpe Microval CMM 454/3B

  • 18”x20”x16”Measuring Table
2- S-T Ind Optical Comparator 20-3500
  • Quadra-Check 200 Precision Read-outs
1- Wilson Rockwell Tester 3YR
1- Phase II Rockwell Tester 900-330


CAD/CAM Systems

2- MasterCam Mill 2018

  • Full 3D CAD Modeling
3- BobCad-Cam V29
  • Full 3D CAD Modeling
1- Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Full 3D CAD Modeling
3- AutoCad 2012
  • 2D Drafting/Drawing


Grinding Center

1- K.O.Lee Precision Surface Grinder S3618HS

  • 24”x10”x12”Magnetic Table
  • Leematic 2000 Controller
  • 1- Okamoto Precision Surface Grinder ACC-6.18DX
    • 18”x6”x11”Magnetic Table
    • MDI Controller
    • 1- Harig Precision Surface Grinder 618W Automatic
      • Sony Digital Read-outs
      • 18”x6”x11”Magnetic Table

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